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Gain the Benefit of IDeACOM’s experience in the review and negotiation of Telecom Services Contracts:

IDeACOM has negotiated contracts with most of the major network services providers and can help our clients get terms, protection and flexibility which add value to the contract.  We can share with you the benefit of our experience.  Our review of your existing contracts will:

  1. Determine whether the rates and terms included in your contract are equal to,
    or better than, the rates being offered new customers by that carrier.
  2. Verify whether Service Level Agreement (SLA) clauses are included.
  3. Identify terms associated with Early Termination.

Whether you are simply trying to understand your rights and obligations under the terms of your existing contract or you are looking for new services and implementing new contracts, IDeACOM can help!

Are you frustrated dealing with the “phone company”?

Selecting the local, long distance, VoIP, voice and data services best suited to your business can be challenging.  Rate plans and the services available from the carriers change frequently, and procedures for ordering and implementing services vary with each carrier.  You probably have enough other issues to deal with without having to manage changes to your telephone service.

IDeACOM’s Consulting and Project Management services can help you select the network services best suited to your organization and, then handle the implementation process from ordering to installation.  We work with all the major carriers in New England and know the strengths of each.

Whether you are relocating your business, adding a new location, adding PRI or VoIP, or simply changing your phone service, IDeACOM’s Project Management services can provide the expertise and coordination to help make the process less frustrating.

Email IDeACOM Integrated Technologies, Inc. to request information about our Project Management Services.

Four Ways to Save on Monthly Telephone Expenses:
Rate changes since the FairPoint Communications acquisition of Verizon services in northern New England have resulted in opportunities for significant monthly savings for both local and long distance services. Our clients have been averaging monthly savings in the 25% – 45% range.  In most cases, no changes to your existing telephone equipment are required. Our Free Network Analysis looks at your phone bills for a typical month and will: 1.  Identify whether your current rates are competitive. 2. Determine if you have lines with low usage which could possibly be eliminated. 3. Identify if there appears to be “cramming” charges in your bill. 4. Look to see if you are being charged taxes if you are a tax exempt organization. There is no charge or obligation for this service.
Redirect Telephone Call Flow to minimize interruptions

Our Disaster Recovery Call Redirection Plan can not only take a voice mail message when your telephone system and/or lines are inoperative, it can offer the ability to connet the caller to a cell phone or to some otherlocation with the capacity for multiple simultaneous calls.  You can design our DR Call Re-Direct for a single back-up person or for multiple people in your organization, each with the ability for multiple call paths.

IT Data Network Protection and Recovery Options:  Working with The Brookfield Group, we can identify and implement ways to protect your IT systems, provide for data back-up and recovery, and provide flexibility to maintain business functions during power outages and other emergencies.

Shared Services Plans
Data Back-up Services
Properly Engineered Un-Interruptible Power Supply Protection
Disaster Prevention Analysis.

Managed IT Support Services

The IDeACOM nationwide network of companies has partnered with The Brookfield Group, a full-service technology company offering affordable, proactive IT management and support.  The Small Business Computer Freedom plan is designed to provide computer network support for one low, fixed monthly rate.  A full range of services from on-site support to remote monitoring and proactive management enables businesses- small and large- to have the IT support that they need.  The service options are flexible and can be designed to provide for all of your IT needs or, provide supplemental services to organizations with an “in-house” IT staff.

For additional information about Managed IT Services from The Brookfield Group and IDeACOM Integrated Technologies, please Contact Us

Call 1-603-773-5000 for your Free, No Obligation Review of one or two months of your phone bills!

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